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Speed-up your website by using our professional website speed optimization services. .

Digital Marketing Agency (DMA) is the best website speed optimization service in Egypt, serving its online customers with full satisfaction. We aim to make your website on of the fastest and lightest in the world.

  • Get Best SEO - Digital Marketing Agency

    Get Best SEO

    Slow websites get penalized by Google because of their loading time. Optimizing your website for speed will allow you to get higher rankings in SERPs. We are dedicated to make you reach to the best search results that you truly deserve.

  • Lower Bounce Rate - Digital Marketing Agency

    Lower Bounce Rate

    Bounce rate is always linked with loading speed of a website. Users don’t wait for more than 3 seconds to load a website (on average) Digital Marketing Agency (DMA) is specially focused to keep your bounce rate by optimizing your user interface and loading speed.

  • More Conversions - Digital Marketing Agency

    More Conversions

    People like fast websites and so we do – We create the best optimization strategy in Egypt that fits in with your conversion goals so that you get more sales and generate more revenue in less time.

Here’s How We Speed-Up Your Website

Here’s How We Speed-Up Your Website


  • Digital Marketing Agency (DMA) uses the best quality plugins for your website.
  • The plugins will handle caching of your website.
  • Speed-up the image loading time to optimize site speed significantly.
  • We measure your site speed with authentic tools like GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • We understand that eCommerce speed is also crucial for getting more conversions and optimizing cart-abandonments.
  • We limit the login and hacking attempts which burden the site server.
  • Mobile users have shorter attention spans – And we make sure to increase site speed for them.
  • Digital Marketing Agency (DMA) significantly reduces server response time and minify JavaScript and CSS.


Skyrocket Your Website Speed with Us.…

An optimization team you can trust for decreasing web loading speed.

  • Database Optimization - Fast Response Time - Get Your Desired Domain Name - Marketing Digital Agency

    Database Optimization
    Fast Response Time

    We remove unnecessary content such as spammy comments, previous revisions, and other trash which make the database bloat and cause slow response time.

  • Removing Slow Plugins - Increase web functionality - Marketing Digital Agency

    Removing Slow Plugins
    Increase web functionality

    Low quality plugins always cause the website functionality to slow down. We’ll audit your plugins performances and if we find a low performing plugin, an alternative will be added.

  • Image Compression  - To improve loading time - Marketing Digital Agency

    Image Compression
    To improve loading time

    Making your website ultra-light will result in less loading time. We compress images without suppressing their quality to maintain the design experience intact.

  • Bad Requests - Removing Useless Content - Marketing Digital Agency

    Bad Requests
    Removing Useless Content

    The content that is no longer on your website, or moved to a new link shouldn’t affect your website speed. We fix all such issues carefully.

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